Guide for 'Budget of Programmes and Performance' launched

Oman Monday 08/July/2024 14:50 PM
Guide for 'Budget of Programmes and Performance' launched

Muscat: The Ministry of Finance today launched a guide for “Budget of Programmes and Performance”. The guide constitutes a step forward in the field of public finance management in the Sultanate of Oman.

The approach seeks to raise the efficiency of public spending and achieve the desired outcome from allocating budgets to units of the state’s administrative apparatus. It fits within the objectives, programmes and activities focusing on the implementation of the State Budget in an “item-based manner”.

The guide includes a set of criteria on measuring performance and decision-making support systems. It deals with financial tools and advanced financial analysis of “Budget-Performance-Related Methods and Techniques” to be applied within a medium-term financial framework.

The guide also includes a detailed section for implementing budgets, drafting reports and auditing accounts. It thereby provides a roadmap for all government units.