EID Collection 2024 - Al Obaidani introduces a fabulous fabric collection for this season

Roundup Sunday 11/February/2024 18:06 PM
By: Times News Service
EID Collection 2024  - Al Obaidani introduces a fabulous fabric collection for this season

Al Obaidani, the most preferred Dishdasha brand in the Sultanate of Oman has just launched a stunning new collection of high-quality fabrics targeting Eid. Each year the company introduces new fabric collections during pre-EID season to encourage early EID orders. This will give the freedom and the time to customers to select and go for the best fabric. This will also help to avoid the rush and the disappointments of last-minute shopping.

With the existing fabric brands like Hindam, this year the company introduced a few new fabric brands for the season. This is done to improve the choice the company offers to the customers.
Al Obaidani 64 is a fabric that offers smooth hand-feel. Dishdasha made from this fabric is Ideal for casual wear as the fabric collection consists of an attractive color range. Al Obaidani 968 is another new fabric introduced.  This is a fabric that offers high strength and toughness since it consists of high-strength fiber. The fabric will not get deformed easily because of its high elasticity. An ideal wrinkle-free fabric for those who want to dress their Dishdasha smart and project themselves.

Al Obaidani 70 is another high-quality premium fabric. Named to commemorate the year His Majesty Sultan Qaboos was crowned as the leader,  This high-quality premium fabric is ideal for special occasions. Made with super fine yarns, the fabric offers a luxurious look and feel. Less maintenance is required and the colors will never fade with time. Al Obaidani 52 is an innovative wrinkle-free fabric that offers high durability. Specially customized for Al Obaidani, the Dishdasha made with this fabric is ideal for casual wear. Al Obaidani 2024 and Al Obaidani 723 are also extremely comfortable and durable fabrics that Al Obaidani Stores introducing this season.

With these new brands, Al Obaidani offers new and improved collections of Hindam fabric. Hindam is one of the most trusted brands for Dishdasha.  Through other fabric brands including  Saktoun, Al Hilali, Al Barzah, Bahla, Jabreen, Khalas, Mazaya, Royal, Wathba, and Al Obaidani offer a wide range of fabrics at different price levels this season. The customers are always offered a wide choice to select. Through the Imthiyaz Loyalty Scheme offered at Al Obaidani stores, customers get the opportunity to earn loyalty points with every purchase.  High quality, breathability, Comfortability, and look are the main characteristics of Al Obaidani Dishdasha Fabric.

The brand Al Obaidani exemplifies quality, reliability, and innovation, and the brand aims to inspire its customers to embrace an elevation in style and personality.

Research and development teams of Al Obaidani are constantly on the lookout to improve and expand the fabric range. Al Obaidani is in collaboration with world-class fabric producers from Japan, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK to source the best quality fabric all the time.

Having recently opened its 31st store at Al Khoud sixth entrance, Al Obaidani Stores are constantly expanding its retail presence. Al Obaidani is a brand that has imbued the hearts of the people in this country. Ever since its inception in 1964, the brand has served as a pride hallmark among Omani Gentlemen, who consider wearing Omani Dishdasha as a mark of personality, character, and elegancy. Al Obaidani always assures its customers the trust, unmatched quality, comfortability, and unmatched service.