Weather expert in Oman issues tips to stay safe during the rain

Energy Saturday 13/April/2019 19:25 PM
By: Times News Service
Weather expert in Oman issues tips to stay safe during the rain

Muscat: A weather researcher at the Department of Meteorology at the Public Authority of Civil Aviation in Oman has issued instructions on how to stay safe during the heavy rains across Oman.
Abdullah Al Khadouri, a meteorologist at PACA, said: “Here are some tips for safety weather hazards. Never take the risk of crossing the valleys, stay away from volatile things, stay away from ponds and water pools, keep away from the electrical circuits and their complexes, take cover in case of cold fall and watching our beloved children especially after the rains stop I hope this is taken into account.”
Al Khaddouri also said that parents with children needed to keep an eye on them, to ensure that they were kept safe during this spell of poor weather.
“The situation requires alert and warning and for the safety of children and students, whose lives no one can bargain with,” he added. “Please take the advice into consideration to make it a blessing of goodness, God willing. Please kindly abide by these guidelines and of course, observe safety in general God bless you all and we ask God to make it rain well and with his blessings.”