India: Delhi zoo sets up, water sprinklers, pools for animals amid increasing heat

World Thursday 30/May/2024 15:03 PM
India: Delhi zoo sets up, water sprinklers, pools for animals amid increasing heat

New Delhi: As the temperature is rising day by day, special arrangements like water coolers, water pools and sprinkles among others are made for animals in Delhi's National Zoological Park.

IFS officer Sanjeet Kumar, Director of National Zoological Park Delhi, told ANI about the Summer care management plan for Zoo Animals.

Sanjeet Kumar said that besides water pools, and sprinkling of water, they have also introduced a proper diet plan to take care of animals in Summer. He also told about medical care facilities that are provided to animals inside the zoo.

He said that seasonal Fruits are made available for primates, Bears, Herbivores and elephants.
"We are fully prepared with life-saving medicines and emergency services if our animals get sick," he said adding that fortunately till now not a single has faced any heatstroke or sickness. He also said that veterinary doctors are available to take care of animals," IFS said.

The staff of the animal section is to remain vigilant during peak hours of the day and inform the Zoo Hospital in case any behavioural change is noticed, the zoo authority said.

The Zoo authority also said that animals are released in exhibit shift-wise so that animals do not get exposed to heat for a longer time.

For the Carnivore animal enclosures, twin water pools are available in the exhibit and back kraals and water are being kept filled up alternatively. Water in the pools is remained in running condition during peak hours of the day.

Zoo authorities are taking care of stagnant water from all water moats and they are being pumped out followed by cleaning, disinfection and refilling wherever possible.

Sprinklers are made available in all carnivore enclosures including tiger, lion, leopard, Jackal, hyena, wolf, wild dog and Indian fox and Water coolers are placed in all the holding cells and regular checking of the coolers by the day and night Keepers.

He said that the diet of carnivorous animals is reduced as per the summer diet. They are also providing enough fruits and liquid diets to other animals.

Artificial sheds made up of bamboo Tati and straw are provided at different locations of the enclosure to allow the deer take rest underneath and a minimum of three times water showers are given to elephants using a pressure pump and sand mould placed in all the elephant enclosures. Fruit Ice balls are prepared every day and distributed to bears in the Zoo, the authority said.

Sidewall curtains are made available during the daytime to protect the birds from hot blowing wind, the authority said. The authority further added that water is sprinkled on side wall curtains, floors and rooftops.