Transport Ministry launches Hadatha Award to celebrate cybersecurity accomplishments

Business Monday 20/May/2024 17:44 PM
Transport Ministry launches Hadatha Award to celebrate cybersecurity accomplishments

Muscat: Represented by the National Centre for Information Safety (Oman National CERT), the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology yesterday launched the 'Hadatha Cybersecurity Award', which targets local talents and innovators, as well as parties undertaking cybersecurity initiatives, government and private institutions in the Sultanate of Oman.

The organisers evaluate the performance and accomplishments made in the field of security.

The award also seeks to raise the Sultanate of Oman’s global indices in the fields of innovation and cybersecurity.
It is aimed at establishing a comprehensive cybersecurity system that utilises the services of experts, specialists and competent authorities, in addition to celebrating success stories.

The award includes three main categories of competitors: “Individuals”, “Establishments” and “Startups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)”.

The “Individuals” segment focuses on initiatives with economic and social returns, including awareness in the field of cybersecurity, academic research, specialised scholarly papers and self-employment projects.

The “Establishments” segment highlights the readiness of institutions that upgrade their social responsibility in serving a given axis of the cybersecurity industry programme.

The third category of the award celebrates the accomplishments of startups and SMEs that play a role in the cybersecurity industry by undertaking projects that have an economic return to the Sultanate of Oman.