WHO’s healthy city certificate for Sur

Oman Saturday 10/February/2024 19:05 PM
By: Times News Service
WHO’s healthy city certificate for Sur

Sur: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has awarded Sur city the recognition certificate for the second time in a row as a healthy city after meeting all the international criteria for healthy city.

Dr. Hilal bin Ali Al Habsi, Wali of Sur and chairman of Sur Health City Committee, said that by this recognition, the city has qualified for approval as a training centre for other cities of the Sultanate of Oman interested in joining the healthy cities programme.

He said that the visit of the WHO delegation, last November, to the Sultanate of Oman for evaluation of Sur Health City for the second time and renewal of the recognition of the city sets a new stage and cements the efforts for boosting the health of the society and provision of a safe and healthy life for all.

He also hailed the efforts of the government departments and the private sector which played a major role for renewal of this international recognition. The initiatives of Sur Health City amounted to 14 different initiatives established on 80 criteria of evaluation in the field. The initiatives comprised Sur; the green city; Sur Souqs; social welfare, the marinas; empowerment and competency building initiative; the seafronts and Wad Health Village initiative among others.

It is worth mentioning that the first recognition of Sur Health City at the Sultanate’s level was in 2018.